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Who's Michael Boley?


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Rusty Shackleford (3/27/2008)
somecut8 (3/27/2008)
I was just wondering because I was looking at draft LBs and didn't know if I should focus on a WLB or SLB.

Yeah I hear ya. I like the potential of Marcus Howard as a sleeper starting at SLB (this year or next year) with Boley at WLB if that is doable.

How about we just get a WLB or draft a guy and train him to be one. That's like drafting a TE and moving Antonio Gates to WR, it doesn't make sense...

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monoxide (3/27/2008)
Boley is the type of guy that can play any linebacker position and dominate, because he's so athletic. If he don't resign him, and let him go, so help me God. I'll leave it at that.

I don't think that this will be an issue.  Boley is the Falcons player with the most potential. Trust me, keeping him is one of the things on the agenda.  He will be franchised before he is released or traded.

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