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A house is built from the ground up So we start in the trenches


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Its alot of talk about what player we should draft with the 3rd pick & and the needs on our team..........With the 3rd pick I think Matt ryan would be a bad choice ,,,,,,,he's a good  QB but not good enough for our pick at 3rd .......IMO we should pick a Qb in the later rounds if they feel the QB depth isnt to their liking  Redman is capable of being the starter shown by his play behind a subpar line last year  ,,,,,,, But if we do draft a QB i would hope its in the 4th or 5th maybe  erik ainge which I feel is the sleeper Qb of this draft or a developmental Qb like Josh johnson or Kevin O donnell both have the physical attribute's that show promise  Height,mobility and throwing power so they can sit for a year and learn the offense  ............... Im lead to believe that our philosophy is run the ball/and stop the run............The first pick for the falcons should be O-Line/D-line ,,,If Jake long would happen to drop to us then that would be the best pick for us which might not happen so Glenn doresy or Sedrick ellis would be the next best fit........ The lines are more important than anything else .. Defensive and offensive lines should be dealt with first then LB,DB and QB ...we have the chance to get some important parts for both sides of the ball with 4 picks in the first 48 ....... so lets start in the trenches and rebuild the DOME the right way ...

1r Ellis Or Dorsey

2r OL Carl Nicks/Sam Baker another OL that may have dropped out of the 1st round(  Carl Nicks stock is dropping and may be able to aquire in later round)

2r Curtis lofton would be a great pick for ILB runs sideline to sideline hard hitter and plays well  in coverage ......Brian brohm if they really feel like we need a Qb in this draft

2r OL/DL the best to fit our scheme or  DB/CB

just a little mock draft of the first 4 picks ....its a little hard to say who goes were with so many teams but you get the point the Falcons could be alot better in 08 if we solidify the Front lines ...and these are some players I think would be great additions to the team if drafted  DT Joseph 'Red" Bryant ,RB/KR Chris Johnson,DB/S Reggie Smith,CB Trae Williams,LB Curtis Lofton,WR Jordy Nelson,WR Adarius Bowman,LB Phillip Wheeler,QB Erik Ainge just to name a few

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I think TD has an eye for college talent.  Its his strength.  I think that he is fairly new to the GM game and that since he is, he will use the picks to the fullest.  I imagine a draft where we take two stud offensive lineman, a defensive lineman, a qb and an interior linebacker in the first two rounds.  I don't think that any of us can really ##### about that sort of draft.  I really do not see him taking Ryan with the third pick as Ryan is no slam dunk.  I think that he will take the best lineman possible, Jake Long or the monster, Mr Dorsey!

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