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Draft 2008 Update

Bird Dawg

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With the sighning of Turner McFadden is no longer the pick hopefully Dallas will be smart enough to trade us thier two first round picks and some boot to get that third pick so Jerry can have his beloved Hawg RB. We should then be able to parlay those picks into Cromartie, Q.Groves,Otah,or Balmer (combinations of, not all of course).

Besides McFadden Q,Groves could be the best pick with the most impact. His size, speed, and experince is far ahead of anyone else at his position. There are many others ranked higher but watch and see. To replace the mouth that is now in Oakland (good riddence) Godfrey seems to be way under everyones radar and could be avaliable in the 3rd round excellent speed and height and maybe he can cover Galloway and not get into a pissing contest with S,Smith!

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