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Chad Henne

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hoopdawg2121 (3/26/2008)
Really the whole hype with him is where he played!Michigan is a "big" school but he didn't really impress me any with how he played this year!

Henne doesn't have much Hype... He is a consistent ExtremelY tough QB... has a very strong arm.. and is a Leader on and off the field... there isn't really hype its all just fact... hes not gonna go till the 2nd round anyways...

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formul8or (3/26/2008)
I'm not sold on him either. He had a good senior bowl and a couple of good games, but overall I don't know why people want him.

So why do people want Flacco... played against D2 Competion and wasn't out of this world good... why do people want Ryan... he is ALL hype... why do people want Brohm... a lot of his yards are YAC from his receivers.... come on now... Henne has proven he is a good QB... and i would be glad to have him as a falcon

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I watch all Michigan football games. This guy is good and was better then Brady when he was at Michigan. It doesn;t mean he's the next Brady, but I can tell you he is well worth a 2nd round pick . If the Falcons pass on him I will be extremley dissappointed.

He has the it and Michigan has put many QB'S in the NFL. Henne will be one that will be in the leaguefor 10 years or more.

I think this guy is the best QB IN THE DRAFT..

The Falcons will draft him based on Tom D'S history with the Pats.

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