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Can u git wit this mock?

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1st (3rd) Glenn Dorsey DT LSU - DT is a dire need, and this guy's the best DT prospect since Tommie Harris.

1st (18th) Brian Brohm QB UL -  We trade picks 38 & 49 to HOU, who has no second round selections.  We get the franchise QB, let him develop.  Was training to be a QB when he was 8.

2nd (35) Curtis Lofton ILB OKLA - This guy could be the Demeco Ryans of our draft.  Soldifies the middle of the field with Dorsey.  Run D would be sick.

3rd (69) Tony Hills OT TEXAS - Blaylock's running buddy joins him on the oline.  Dimitroff has a track record of scouting good lineman in the late rounds.

4th (100) Josh Barrett SS ASU - I think he's a steal at this pick.  Runs a 4.35; measurables compare to Laron Landry.  He's got the speed and instincts to cover and he can smack.  He was rated as a 1st or second round talent before this year.  His production did drop off and he had some injury issues I believe.  He's easily a great value at this pick... if he's there.

5th (131) Jake Ikegwuonu CB WISC - First round talent who drops because of ACL injury.  Has had some character issues in the past, but worth a 5th rounder with his talent.

6th (166) Arman Shields WR Richmond - Good size at 6'2, great hands, runs precise routes, and is great in traffic and across the middle.  The type of reciever Brohm will make a star.

7th (197) Barry Richardson OT CLEM - Great size, natural athleticism.  Move him to backup Guard, see how he develops.

7th (217) Chase Ortiz DE TCU - Undersized at 6'2, but this kid's got a nose for the ball. benefitted from playing across the great Tommy Blake.  Could turn out to be a good backup and great situational guy.

If we don't make the trade:

2nd (35) Joey Flac QB - 6'7, rocket arm.  Nuff said.

2nd (38) Lofton ILB

2nd (49) Sam Baker - OT

I just don't see a QB of Brohm's caliber lasting until the second round.  Somebody will grab him in the middle of the first, where those teams have QB needs. So if we don't pull the trigger to get back in the first, then Flacco is the guy.


Criticism is eagerly welcome.  This is the first time I've ever done a full mock. 

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