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Our New Kicker Jason Elam

FL Falcon

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I didn't see this posted yet...it is a good article about Elam from Champ Bailey's perspective.  It made me feel even better about the signing of Elam.


Champ Bailey despises losing.

The Pro Bowl cornerback hates losing teammates nearly as much, even if he understands the business side of the NFL.

But in his view, no offseason move the Broncos have made affected him more than the failure to retain kicker Jason Elam, who left in free agency for the Atlanta Falcons.

"He's proven. He's done it for a long time," Bailey said Tuesday. "I'm very concerned."

Bailey said the move was the "most significant" by the team this offseason, given the number of clutch kicks and experience in a variety of weather conditions to which Elam has been exposed in 15 years.

"There better be a guy who really impresses me when camp rolls around because it'll really, really bother me then," Bailey said.

The Broncos will give unheralded Matt Prater a look as a replacement. They also are expected to meet this week with veteran Olindo Mare.

Bailey hopes there isn't a repeat of his 2000 season with the Washington Redskins. Five kickers attempted field goals that season, and they combined to miss 10 of 30, which contributed heavily to an 8-8 record.

"When you play for a long time, you understand how important the position is," Bailey said. "You lose games when you don't have one."

Bailey also didn't appear to be doing handstands regarding the team's offseason in free agency. In its biggest headline transactions, the Broncos added Bailey's brother, Boss, and another linebacker, Niko Koutouvides, plus safeties Marquand Manuel and Marlon McCree and receiver Keary Colbert.

"Other than bringing in linebackers and receivers, I don't think we've done a whole lot," Champ Bailey said. "I think what we've done is let some key guys go that really helped us out last year. We're going to need guys step up to fill in those needs."

Bailey, a team captain, also realizes anything's possible after watching the 10-6 Giants go on a hot streak to win the Super Bowl.

Still, he's not used to the fiscal restraint the Broncos have demonstrated the past couple of months.

"It's a little different. It's crazy," he said. "The (salary) cap number is high for every team this year and guys are demanding a lot of money, so you've got to go get it. It's good for the players, but as far as the team goes, you've got to just work with what you've got and what you can get."

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