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As armed as the Cowboys are to move up in the first round of the draft, Dallas' two first-round picks are not enough.

Based on the 2008 NFL draft point chart that teams use as a guideline for draft trades, the Cowboys 22nd overall pick is worth 780 points and their 28th pick is worth 660 points, giving Dallas 1,440 points.

Draft Value Chart
1. Dolphins3,000
2. Rams2,600
3. Falcons2,200
4. Raiders1,800
5. Chiefs1,700
22. Cowboys (CLE)780
28. Cowboys660
DAL Rd 1-2 total value: 1,732 points

It's a lot. But it's not enough, not to get into the top five picks of the draft to take a player such as Arkansas running back Darren McFadden.

Miami's No. 1 pick is worth 3,000 points, St. Louis' No. 2 is worth 2,600 points, Atlanta's No. 3 is worth 2,200 points, Oakland's No. 4 is worth 1,800 points and Kansas City's No. 5 is worth 1,700 points.

To get into the top five, Dallas would have to consider throwing in its second-round pick, the 61st overall pick, which is worth 292 points. Those 292 points, combined with Dallas' first-round picks, would give the Cowboys 1,732 points, more than enough to get to Kansas City's No. 5 and almost enough to get to Oakland's No. 4.

From there, it is up to Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to decide whether a top five pick is worth the price.

Now the NFL draft point chart is not set in concrete; teams can use their own guidelines and decide whether a certain trade is fair even if it doesn't measure out on the chart. But the chart provides a rough gauge as to what it would take for a certain team to move up and what it would take for a certain team to move down.

Jones and the Cowboys are known to be intrigued with the idea of landing McFadden and teaming him with Pro Bowl running back Marion Barber, giving Dallas as formidable a one-two combination as any in the league.

But the price to do it will be steep -- even steeper than many have speculated.

McFadden is projected to go somewhere between Oakland's spot at No. 4 and the New York Jets' at No. 6. Trading up to Atlanta's spot at No. 3 would give Dallas a clear-cut chance to draft McFadden. But beyond that slot, the Cowboys risk losing him.


SCREW THE POINTS. I think that if Dallas REALLY, and I mean really thinks it is wise to give up that much for Darren McFadden, let them. Only if its to us, though. Give us the two first, and their second and possibly Spears or Carpenter. I would be happy with just the picks alone, really. Do you guys think the Boys will really be willing to pay the price? They are HIGHLY interested in Darren McFadden.

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its not that steep of price if thats your missing piece .... if the Cowboys could get Pacman Jones for a 5th round pick from the titans.....I can see this trade happening...... If the cowboys came to TD saying that i would give you our 2 1st round picks and a 2nd round pick for that 3rd overall pick....TD will not blink to do this deal....forget vthe vaule you chart.....

In this draft ALL 3 of those picks can give you a starter

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Bring It (3/25/2008)
FACT :  Jerry Jones will do what he has to, to land McFadden.

And...........land him, he will !!


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Both of their first round picks, their 2nd round pick in 2008 and 2009, and I say DEAL!!!!!  Sure they come out ahead on the so-called value points but that system is all BS anyway. avoiding the cap impact of that contract is a plus for the Falcons.

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If the Cowboys are willing to give up two 1st rounders and a 2nd, I'd be all over it. That would give us two 1st round picks and four 2nd round picks. That's 6 of the top 48 picks. SIX!

Plus we have 3rd rounders and possibly another 3rd rounder from compensatory picks.

I would hate to miss out on talent like Dorsey or Chris/Jake Long, but we could rebuild the team for the next 5+ years with the talent we could get with that many high picks.

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Gimmesomo (3/25/2008)
I think if we don't get too greedy then this is a definite Draft Day Trade in the making. Let's negotiate for the 1st Rounders and a 3rd this year and a third next year. I'ma go APE-SH)T if this happens!!!

See Gimme gets it!!!  Anyone who has ever made deals knows that the best deal that is made comes off as a win/win situation.

If you other guys came to me with the give me your two first rounders and your second and so on........I would say screw you Ill either trade up a few slots with someone or talk with Oakland about a trade.  Raiders would be smart getting two picks in the first round and a third with their needs (Remember this draft is deep in Running Backs)

Think about this.....Falcons have

Two first round picks

Three second round picks

Three third round picks (If Comp Pick is awarded in Third)

Eight picks in first three rounds.......


1 QB

1 Safety

1 CB

2 DL

2 OL

Even before we start the fourth round

We have five more picks after that to select:

WR For Depth and Returning Punts

TE Pass catching Tight End

RB Late rounds for depth

1 other DL Prefer a DE to Groom for Abrahams spot in a few years

1 other OL................

Wowwwwwwwww see at least you leave Jerry Jones with Mcfadden, his Second, and Pacman if he trades a fifth for him

Next Years Draft having already

Two Third round picks

Two Fifth Round picks

Remember win/win gets deals done

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Don't get your hopes up fellas. This draft chart is outdated and a new one is being created to replace it. With the amounts of guaranteed money that is given the top picks they aren't worth as much as they used to be. Expecting Dallas to give up a Kings ransom and have to sign a top pick is like hoping you win the lottery. It is a nice thought but that's probably all it will ever be.

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