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Eric DeCosta is the Baltimore Ravens' director of college scouting over the past 5 seasons. He has a reputation as being one of the most honest media interviews in the business during draft season. A friend of mine who is a Ravens fan tipped me off on this and emailed me the podcast. The link is here if you want to listen to it yourself:


Here is a Scout.com user's recap if you don't have time to listen:

"They asked about ProDay's he has and will attend. Escentially only Mentioned Matt Ryan's by name, and noted it as reported. Mentioned he will be going to very few.

Bulldog asked about Corners, as his position of choice. First asked abotu McKelvin, of whom DeCo gave VERY HIGH praise, and compelte dismissal of Troy as a small school. Proclaimed him for top notch ball skills, speed quickness, change of direction, physicality and return abilities. Complete package, best man corner in the draft. Sounds like a possibility at 8 if you ask me. Said he was a ltitle smaller then ideal.

Then Bulldog asked about Jenkins, and DeCo again gave a glowing review. Very similar strengths, without mention of return, and a bit more focused on his physicality and football IQ, and a little less on his ability to stick with a receiver. DeCo really hammered on McKelvin as a stick like glue man corner.

DRC was the next player mentioned and there was a noticable deflation of Eric's voice. He was much more matter of fact in his explanation, though he said he has been great this season, as in since he stopped playign football...

Mentioned that he has elite size and bloodlines, but the film on him is poor quality, and much smaller in quantity, but that he is a raw thoroughbred of an athlete that shold be able to learn to play football. Was excellent in the Senior bowl, and has climbed a long way since football has ended. To me, he seemed excited to look for him in the 2nd or third last month, and is now not interested since he will get picked in the first.

The last corner discussed was Charles Godfrey. Random inclusion, btu in general the response was. "he'll be a great palyer for someone else" cover 2 corner only, not fluid enough in the hips to play on the outside for the Ravens. Big physical hitter with good ball skills that will excell in Chicago or TB.

The other guy(Mark Viviano?) asked abotu OT's.

First up was Jake Long. DeCo said he will be an outstanding... RT. Pro ready, maulign Run Blocker that will nto be able to hold the blind side with elite speed rushers. Not a JO type prospect at all. Very solid prospect, but elite is not correct.

Otah was next, and was explained as a Future ProBowl RT in about 2-3 years. Massive physical specimen that should bulldoze his side of the DL and may even be athletic and large enough to play LT to some extent.

Sam Baker was dismissed as likely a Guard, too short with too short of arms, combined with not quite athletic enogh to even play RT on the next level in his estimation. Should make a very good guard however.

Clady was described as the most ready, complete LT prospect in the draft. Very ligth on his feet with long arms, should be able to defend the speed rush as good as any. Plays with good technique and knee bend, gets low and stays in front of his man. Less then elite Rb'er, but that shold develop. Still not a JO elite prospect, but maybe the best of the bunch. Also pulled up his height/weight/ 40 time at Bulldog's request from some sort of PDA in abotu 5 sec's, "un-prepared for that question...""

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The guy doesn't recap the Baker discussion very well. De Costa says, "You can win with this guy." He says "some teams may convert him to guard since he's built like a guard."

He really, really, really likes Clady. You can hear it in his voice.

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Thanks for the info. I agree with him on DRC. I have never been a fan, he seems like the super-athlete-but-not-real-football-player type. I can see him getting a couplee of INTs for whichever team picks him, but not being a sold dependable corner.

The Baker thing worries me a little, because ideally I would love to get CHris Williams, but Baker seems the more likely candidate in the 2nd. I suppose it could be that come draft time Ant Collins is higher rated than Baker, but I'm not sure how either of them will turn out...

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