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Some advice to all who care..


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pencilpusher (3/24/2008)
savwboy savwboy (3/24/2008)
You absolutley cannot lick your own elbow.

Take my word for it and save yourself a whole bunch of time..;)

That is all!!

Speak for yourself, short-tongue.;)

Tell me your secret..I have spent hours only to fail , but I shall not give up..No I will not give up and go down in shame..What would I tell my son if I fail? I shall reach this goal and right a long novel about it..

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Pop your arm out of socket.  You may have to go to the hospital afterwards, but it is so totally worth it in the end.  Make sure you have the camera ready or noone is going to believe you...  Then you will have to do it twice and you may faint from the pain and it's possible you won't be able to crank your weasel anymore.   

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