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Wonderlic Scores

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Two things about this:

1. Brohm scores the highest of all QBs. He won't make it to the second...we'll have to trade up if he gets anywhere near 25 or later.

2. Ryan Clady scores a 13...WTF? He's an offensive lineman. They are generally the smartest of all players. This bothers me a great deal. If Jake Long is gone, we have to go with Dorsey.

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malk2.0 (3/23/2008)
wonderlic test means nothing when it comes to actual football.

and i agree they dont mean much, just a tool to see how you can react in a time situation..

like say a 2minute drill, reading diffrent defenses when you use the no huddle... how to react to an offenseive audible..stuff like that. it mainly gives a team a generall idea about the psycholigal makeup of a guy on the field.(YKW...i believe got a 20 according to this link)


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