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Kendrell Bell - UFA OLB from the KC Chiefs


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he started great at Pittsburgh but has been a disappointment in KC - he's 29.....he might be a nice back-up OLB at this point in his career - he should come cheap.....

Kendrell Bell | LBComplete player profile
Expert's TakeBell is a seven-year veteran who has all the ingredients of a top linebacker, including size, speed and athleticism, but never seems to live up to expectations. After being drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the first round of the 2001 draft, he became an immediate starter and was a force as an edge rusher from the get-go. He signed with the Chiefs after four years in Pittsburgh and never really found his niche. He played in 11 games, starting zero, in 2007 and had a total of eight tackles with no sacks. He is not a great technician and does not use his hands very well to defeat and shed blockers and ends up getting tied up for too long. He is not great and reading blocking schemes and often gets surprised by blocks and taken out of the play. He is athletic enough to drop into coverage and get good depth but does not show much route recognition and does not read the eyes of the quarterback to get a jump on the ball. He runs himself out of too many plays by taking the wrong side or running around blocks rather than taking them on and squeezing the play down. Some team is apt to take another shot at him due to his physical traits but he needs to show more discipline and learn to become a better technician.
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halsey (3/22/2008)
WTH happened to that guy? It's like he fell off the earth. Injuries? Did he get comfy after getting paid?

For some odd reason, several LB'ers that leave the Pittsburgh system went on to be pretty horrible when they went elsewhere. Joey Porter, Levon Kirkland, and Kevin Greene come to mind. Mike Vrabel seems to be the only exception I can really think of right now.

However, with Bell I think it was injuries and and he didn't play good at all when he was there. He was like KC's version of Ed Hartwell.

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