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Draft with power

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Our franchise is at the doorway of a new beginnings ,and we need to take totall advantage of it to.  We trade with the jets @6 for a 2nd.  1st.#6 - QB. Bryon Brohm   2nd.#34-OT.Sam Baker / alt. Gosder Cherilus   2nd.#36-DT. Kentwan Balmer /alt. Dre Moore  2nd.#37-DT. Dre Moore /alt. Trevor Laws 2nd.#48-ILB. Jerod Mayo /alt. Curtis Lofton 3rd.#69-OLB. Marcus Howard /alt. Wesley Woodard In the later rds. wepic up our cb and og and some long shots . Picture Balmer & Moore side by side , and Mayo & Howard with Boley. Imput please . 

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I don't think so . Redman will light it up this yr ,to alot of peoples surprise . He will take totally advantage of this oppotunity .We 're going to a power run offense and who ever is at LT. will have help with our new free agent TE . Redman don't have to learn the speed of the NFL , Turner is going to run thru them and over them . We haven't had a power back like this sents Jamal Anderson [RB] , because he has power and speed.

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