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Looking to Buy a Lawnmower


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Anybody use a Gilmour? The little reviews I've found for this specific mower seem good, but I wanted more.

I do not want to use a motor-powered mower. I figured I would buy the ones powered by our own exerted forces. This comes with a compartment for the cut grass. Is it a good idea to go this route?


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Do a little research before you buy a push reel mower.  If you let the grass get more than a couple of inches high before you cut it, the reels will get clogged.  They also don't work on lawns with a high weed content because the weed stems just get pushed down instead of cut. 

If you have a small yard with good grass, and you don't mind running the mower over it once a week, a reel mower is great. 

You might also look at an electric mower.  Same benefits of a gas mower without the noise.

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