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Strong Side "Sam" Linebackers

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With the uncertainty with the re-signing of Michael Boley long term

and the ballooning linebacker salaries this year, I am now kind of looking

over depth at Strong Side Linebacker.

1. Shawn Crable from Michigan

2. Gary Guyton from Georgia Tech

I am curious about other's thoughts. With the signing of Elam, seems we

freed up another draft pick that we might have had to use for a kicker.

At this point, I don't anticipate losing Boley this season for the 1st

round tender, and I'm aware that the franchise tag is available next season,

but probably wouldn't hurt to add depth.

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L.Rover (3/22/2008)
I like the prospect of drafting a guy like Dan Connor, who could conceivably play any LB position. We could just as easily have him be our next MLB as he could play SLB should Boley leave (I don't think he will, but just in case).

I LOVE Connor.  A few weeks ago I would have called you crazy if you thought he would fall to the second.  But now with Jerod Mayo starting to turn heads, I don't think it's inconceivable that Connor does fall to the early second.

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