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The greatest Mock eva


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1) Glenn Dorsey DT LSU


2) Gosder Cherilus OT Boston College


2)Chad Henne QB Michigan


2) Sam Baker OT USC


3)Dre Moore DT Maryland


4) Antwaun Molden CB Eastern Kentucky


5) Vince Hall ILB Virginia Tech


6) Jason Rivers WR Hawaii


7)Tony Temple RB/KR Missouri


7)Husain Abdullah FS Washington State



1) James Laurinaitis MLB Ohio State


2)Jonathan Luigs C Arkansas


3) Curtis Taylor FS LSU


4) Patrick Turner WR USC


5)Kevin Barnes CB Maryland


5)Maurice Crum Jr OLB Notre Dame


6)Neefy Moffett DE Florida State


7)Alex Fletcher OG Stanford


any thoughts / feelings

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I like two of your picks. Dorsey, and Rivers. I can't stand the idea of signing Gosder Cherilus because we don't need a RT. Chad Henne =/= Franchise QB. Sam Baker has dropped from the 1st to 3rd round for a reason, no thanks. After that, just no.

2009 draft? How premature.

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Welcome to Atlanta (3/21/2008)
we don't need a RT.

I still disagree with this.  Clabo is a good player.  He's a great guy to have coming off the bench and filling in when needed at either OG or OT, but I don't think he plays any one position good enough to merritt a starting job. 

Sam Baker has dropped from the 1st to 3rd round for a reason

I'm not really sure where you're getting 3rd-round from.  I could easily see him going to a team like Miami or St. Louis at the beginning of the 2nd, assuming they don't go OT in the first.

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Sam Baker was once thought of as being better than Jake Long. He has dropped to the middle of the second round, possibly even the third round. I just don't like him. I haven't liked him since even before he started dropping. He's soft.

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Your first two picks match mine for the next two years, (Dorsey and Laurenitis). Just a fun fact, Patrick Turner out of USC, my high school played against his in the playoffs when he was a senior. They destroyed us. Me and my friend were talking about it today, kind of ironic. lol

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