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UGA Practice Photos..


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bret coburn (3/21/2008)
freaking awsome! sac your the bomb! stafford does look a little leaner and more toned

Dude I talked to a few guys who has seen some practices and Stafford looks awesome. He is in such great shape.. he is really taking part in the conditioning program.. he will be better than ever this year IMO.

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mbrizzle (3/22/2008)
ki45toryu (3/22/2008)
I know its all in fun...but just look at most QB's not throwing hand at the top of their motion, most guys have a funny movement with it.

Most people in general. I know I do. I have a goofy follow-through as well. Both with a football and basketball.

Yeah I smack my chest with my non throwing hand as I am releasing the ball. Some guys, like Logan, have their non throwing hand way in front of their body...I keep mine close in and kindof karate chop my chest.

Thankfully I was never a QB, so I never had to work to fix it.

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