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Our moves this year were done very strategically...


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After hours and hours of research, I found the missing link to the method behind TD madness. What determined who he cut/traded and why?

Why Dunn, but not Brooking, why Crumpler, but not Horn, it even explains the whole VICK debacle last year?

The answer was very simple.

Madden 2008!

Yes, This sounds crazy, and only TD could pull this off, but he has done it!

When picking the Falcons as your favorite team, they flash players over and over again on the screen until pick your option.

Who are those players you ask?

Vick, Dunn, Crumpler, D.Hall, and Rossum

TD would not stop until he got all the pieces done.

(yes this was written in sarcasm, before anyone jumps my back)

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Poor Arthur.  He is going to take a beating on merchandise sales this year.  Many of the items are for the players you listed who are no longer on the team. 

My sister bought me a paperweight a few months ago and couldn't understand why they were practically giving them away at the store.  It is a molded plastic paperweight with 3 players in Falcons home uni's.  Vick, Crumpler and Dunn. I just started laughing when I saw it because I knew none of those players were going to be around come the fall.

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