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New Mock Draft

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ok this one is with no trades and assuming we dont get anyhting for kerney...

we also sign Jason Elam

1.Glen Dorsey-DT-LSU

he is a monster when healthy and still disruptive when not...y pass on him?

2.Sam Baker-OT-USC

more of a technique type of OT but gets the job done.

2.Dan Connor-LB-Penn St.

i hope he falls here...it seems like a reach but i looked at mocks and they have him around this pick...he is a great ILB and OLB and comes from Penn St. (where all linebakers pan out)

2.Joe Flacco-QB-Delaware

this guy has the arm and accuracy to be in our passing game

3.Chevis Jackson-CB-LSU

this guy is a great cover 2 corner. he is physical at the point of attack. a great ball hawk who iced the game for LSU in the Con. Champ. against Tenn.

4.Tom Zbikowski-S-ND

this guy is under rated. he has ball skills and is a work out worrior. a guy from the Falcons said that we are going to take a S from this draft...great special teamer

5.Frank Okam-DT-Texas

i would like Ahtyba Rubin. but **** be long gone before this. okam is a great run stuffer. if he can loose like 10-15 pounds and be in great shape he can be a great pick here

6.Kirk Barton-OT-OSU

a bit of a reach but a great player at RT

7.Jeremy Zuttah-OG-Rutgers

i love this guy because he can run block well. depth also

7.Zack Bowman-CB-Nebraska

i know that ill prally get flamed for this for STUPID reason and heres why...hes from Nebraska...hes injured alot...u just like him cuz u like Nebraska...well here are my reason...  different times and coaches...he was regarded as one of the best JUCO prospects untill he went D-1 and if he wasnt injured as much he would be reagarded as a 1-2nd rounder...

hope u loved it and plz comment...i hate it when  ppl dont do that

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It's okay. I love Dorsey and Baker. Connor would be great but he probably won't be there. Flacco, I have concerns that he had trouble reading defenses in D2, which won't translate well to the NFL. Jackson is a good pick, Zbikiowski is an okay pick, Okam is too lazy, Barton is a good pick but I doubt he'll be there, don't know much about Zuttah, and I really like Bowman but doubt he'll be there.

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Sam Baker?! I thought we were moving out of the Zone-Blocking scheme!

Seriously. Sam Baker =/= Mularky Lineman. Maybe if Greg Knapp and Alex Gibbs were still here, but they aren't, so just say no to Baker.

And Jeremy Zuttah won't last to the 6th round. Oh, yeah, and he's another zone blocking type, unless he moves to center.

Also, I find it ironic that a couple of posts up you said that you think Dan Connor is the best "pure" ILB in the draft, and yet in the draft itself, you say that he's a great ILB and OLB. That makes 0 sense.

Connor is a Weakside OLB in the NFL, if you ask me. He's too soft and can't shed defenders. We need somebody like a Curtis Lofton, Spencer Larsen, Jonathan Goff, Beau Bell, Jameel McCain, or even a Ben Moffit or Jerod Mayo.

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somecut8 (3/21/2008)
Only person I applaud is Frank Okam. And yep, he's lost about 15 pounds at the Pro-Day in Texas.
Wow that shows a lot. If he proves to play with passion, not be lazy and play with a consistent motor, then he would be a good NT just in case Trey can't heal in time. Another option is Rubin. He is probably tied with Bryant as the best run stuffing NT in the draft.
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"Sam Baker?! I thought we were moving out of the Zone-Blocking scheme!

Seriously. Sam Baker =/= Mularky Lineman. Maybe if Greg Knapp and Alex Gibbs were still here, but they aren't, so just say no to Baker."

Yeah, I'd hate for us to draft arguably the best pass-blocking pure LT in the draft.  We can more than afford to have Baker as our LT.  With a big, strong LG in Blalock, and hopefully a big, strong right side of the line, Baker would be a fine fit.  I'll take a "technician" before a mauler any day of the week.  It's not as if Baker run-blocked like a 6-year olf girl anyways.  He may not be anywhere close to the run-blocker that Jake Long is, but I don't think he's bad by any means.

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flashinator (3/20/2008)
Move Chevis Jackson CB to a 4th round pick

Put josh Barrett SS in his spot

Carlton Medder RT/RG should be out 6th round pick[/quote

Yes!! I was gonna post it should be Josh Barret instead of the ND guy (I can't spell it).

Also, I'm not sure if Bowman will be there in the 7th round, but I think Ikegwuonu might, who is a great big physical cover corner when healthy. I actually think Flacco will be there, Brohm might even be there, where you have him going.

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