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So does anyone know our exact 10 picks?


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1r If Jake long is off the board then DT Ellis or Dorsey

2r OL Carl Nicks Or The next best OL

2r ILB Curtis lofton

2r OL another big nasty

3r Red bryant or Trevor Laws

4r CB Trae Williams OR Chris Horton,Jamar Adams

5r WR Adarius Bowman,Marcus Henry,DJ Hall,Earl Bennett,DeCody Fagg,Justin Harper,Marcus Monk,Steve Johnson,Jordy Nelson,Mario Urrutia,Jason Rivers

6r Chris Johnson RB/KR

7r CB or Safety David Roach,Caleb Campbell

7r Developmental QB Kevin O.Connell,Josh Johnson

 we should have still gotten the 6th this year and next year pick

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bossFALCON (3/20/2008)
10 picks without comp, 11 with the comp

we have

1 #3 overall

2 #35 overall (from OAK)

2 #37 overall

2 #48 overall (from HOU)

3 #68 overall

4th round

5th round

6th round

7th round

7th round (from PIT)

assuming we do get a comp i think we get it at the owners meeting coming up.

nice i always wonder how many pick we have

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