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Compensatory pick -- 3rd round, 7th round, or none?


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I don't understand what has to happen between now and March 30th to determine what compensation we get for Kerney -- if any.  I know the formula is based on how many FA's you sign vs. how many you lose.  Also I read that it hasn't been determined how the LB Wilkins will be counted.  I just don't see what variable still exist that would change anything.  Why can't we know now?  Are we at the subjective mercy of the commissioner?

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Personally,  I wouldn't get your hopes up for a 3rd rounder if we even get any...

If we just let players walk and managed to retain more of our draft picks instead of loading up in free agency... then we might have more luck with Comp picks...

As it is we go out and throw large sums of money to crucial positions... like Fullback..

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The key is Wilkins.

There are several criteria which dictates whether he will count towards a Kerney offset.

We hope the following mitigating factors will somehow afford us a third pick.

1. Is salary ... the cut-off is a Million or more ... and he was paid a Million ... thanks McKay.

2. 2nd he was not a starter ... or a back-up ... he never played defense .... just occasionally on special teams.

This could be a lack of attention to detail by our front office that costs us a third over a penny.

If Wilkins is counted as an offset .... we will at least get a seventh based on comparable value ... but a late 7th=Mr. Irrelevant ....maybe we could use it on a kicker.

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