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PS3 Firmware 2.20 Coming Wednesday (26th of March)

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The_ ATL (3/20/2008)
I'll stay away from The Underground for a few days so that I dont have to hear the kids cry about not having in-game XMB.

It's better than before now after an SCEE guy said that it would be coming this summer. So I presume less people are complaining since they know when they should expect it.


I didn't know what mosquito noise was, but apparently its reduction is significant as shown below.


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Two ways, if your PS3 is connected to the internet:

Settings on the XMB > System Update > Update via Internet

This procedure is very easy.

If you're not, you can download the update via a computer and transfer it using some sort of storage device (USB flash drive, USB HDD, or a card if the PS3 has a card reader). This second method isn't trivial, so if it is the way you're going, I'll post how the update file should be placed on the device so that the PS3 can see it.

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Mathis81WR (3/26/2008)
The_ ATL (3/26/2008)
I'm hearing that it's messing up people's systems......

Guess I'll wait a little while before I update mine.

I have not seen any reports. If I, a person who's always around gamers and gaming, hasn't seen anything, it must be very localized.

It's probably somebody doing something wrong during the installation, or the power disconnected during the installation process.

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