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Tipoff surprise from Felton?


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WASHINGTON, D.C. - Dennis Felton lost his voice after Georgia won the SEC Tournament this past Sunday, but his players are waiting to see if he'll lose his mustache, too.

In a pre-game question-and-answer session in January at Stegeman Coliseum, Georgia's coach said he would shave his mustache and his head if the Bulldogs won the SEC Tournament.

But it's been four days since the Bulldogs won the championship and there's no sign of a bald Felton pacing the sidelines.

"We've been on him about that," freshman guard Zac Swansey said.

Felton, however, has altered his plans.

"I'll shave my mustache, but it won't be until after the season," he said.

After the Bulldogs won the SEC title, Felton told them that he would shave his mustache, but not until the season is over. If they win the national championship, he will shave his head.

The Bulldogs are planning to keep Felton to his word.

"We're gonna make him do it regardless of if he wants to," Swansey said. "I think at the time he said it, he really didn't believe we'd (win the SEC title). Now that we're here, he might be trying to back out of it a little."

Terrance Woodbury believes Felton could shave his mustache sooner than expected.

"He hasn't done it yet so I'm still waiting to see if he's gonna do it for the game to surprise us all or not do it at all," Woodbury said.

The junior is anticipating the possibility that it could happen before the first-round game, but is hoping Felton waits.

"I don't want him to. I don't think he'd look right with his head shaved and all that," he said. "We don't want to try anything new right now. We're playing too well."

Swansey is not holding out hope that Felton will shave his mustache today.

"He said he didn't want to be embarrassed on national television," Swansey said.

"A couple of summers ago he did (shave his mustache). The guys said it didn't look right. He wants to wait until the season is over with."

Felton began to lose his voice Sunday in the SEC title game against Arkansas.

"In the huddle he had to write everything on the board," Swansey said. "He couldn't do any screaming and hollering like he likes to do. It kind of bugged him a little bit."

Woodbury said he was thrown off by Felton's different method of communication.

"I really wanted to hear him talk because he gets me to where I want to be," he said. "If I need to play harder and he tells me, it gives me the drive to step up."

Felton has regained his voice in the past few days.

Said Swansey: "He's back to normal now."

Published in the Athens Banner-Herald on 032008

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