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Mock with Dall Trade.

mr pickle

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We trade the no. 3 pick and a 5th rounder for the no. 22 and 28 picks, and dallas 2nd and 3rd round picks. They was talk earlier of the two 1sts and Barber...Barber is worth a **** of a lot more than a late 2nd and 3rd, so this is far more equitable from Dallas' viewpoint, and far more useful from ours, now that we have Turner.

1. Branden Albert- Our interior Oline blows. Runblocking/passblocking issues were a much bigger deal on the interior than they were on the exterior. Albert can help change that, or kick outside to Tackle if necessary.

1. Brian Brohm- He may not be here. If he is, I don't see how we can pass. May not have the massive upside of Flacco, but at worst he's going to be a good qb, with a good chance of being a great one.

2. Gosder Cherildus- Mauling road grader, with good pass pro abillity at RT. Will allow Clabo to move to a backup position, where he would be as good as any backup in the league.

2. Curtis Lofton- Thumper with good speed and outstanding instincts. The kind of player we haven't had since Tuggle.

2. Trevor Laws- Would fill a major need at UT. Motor, quickness, and hand use.

2. Patrick Lee- Cb from Auburn has all the physical tools you look for in a pro cb, and has good upside as a physical cover corner.

3. Dre Moore- Could play either tackle position, but thrives using his quickness and strength to dominate the opposing player.

3. Anthony Collins- Good athlete falls because of mediocre workouts and very raw skills. Still has plenty of upside, but isn't ready to start as a rookie.

3. Dre Moore- Could play either tackle position, but thrives using his quickness and strength to dominate the opposing player.

3.(I believe we will get a comp. for Kerney, because Willikins didn't play enough to really count). Dajuan Morgan if he's here, Josh Barret if he isn't. We need a physical safety with playmaking skills and plenty of range.

4. Wesley Woodyard- Undersized player with outstanding athleticism would replace DMO, except with more fluidity.

6. John Sullivan- Center from ND is nasty, strong, and physical, and worked out better than expected at the combine.

6. Thomas Williams- Versatile backer from USC has quickness, instincts, and physicality. Could do an outstading job of backing up all three positions.

7. Brandon Coutu- We need a kicker. Coutu is a good kicker. He's local. No brainer.

7. Adrian Arrington- Could profile as a good possesion guy, but slow times in the 40 push him down.

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If we were able to pull that off, we would be in the playoffs this coming year.  That would be more than incredible.

I just wish I could actually believe that Dallas would do something like that.

Who knows, Jerry Jones could just do it.  He is not as crazy as Al Davis but he has been known to fall in love with a guy and do everything possible to get him.

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