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Injured/Fallen Value Picks


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In every NFL draft, there are always players that have been good, but fallen down the draft boards due to either injury, a bad combine, or some other reason. In my opinion, these guys are the perfect guys to draft in the later rounds, as the risk/reward is extremely good. Value Picks!!

- - -

CBs: Since we've lost a CB, and DBs get injured a lot, 2 guys we should look at drafting from the 5th or later are:

Jack Ikegwuonu | Wisconsin | 6'1, 202 - While he's torn his ACL and MCL, he has excellent size and is multitalented. He can play in both zone or man. Was projected 1st rounder but now a 5-6th rounder.

Zackary Bowman | Nebraska | 6'2, 200 - Another good CB that dropped on draft boards because of injury. Has the talent and speed to succeed.

DE: Again, we need depth so here are 2 good DE we should look at.

Tommy Blake | TCU | 6'3 272 - extremely talented but is diagnosed with social anxiety disorder. Was a projected 1st rounder but now a 5-6th rounder.

Calais Campbell | Miami | 6'8, 290 - he's not really someone we would draft, but if he does fall to the 2nd and maybe early 3rd, we should at least think about it. The main thing is to see how he could do if we were to convert him to a UT/DT like John Henderson in Jacksonville.

DT: Depth is the way to go!

Frank Okam | Texas | 6'5, 347 - I know a lot of you guys don't like him because he's "lazy" but as a projected 5th rounder, you HAVE to draft him - especially when we need big bodies up front. Okam may be overweight, but at least he's strong and absolutely attracts double teams. He seems like a Grady Jackson type player.

Jason Shirley | Fresno State | 6'5, 329 - marred by off the field troubles, this guy would be a great pick up for the 7th or UDFA. He's a 5th round talent that will attract double teams and be great rotation with Frank Okam

WR: White, Robinson, Jenkins - we need one more.

Adarius Bowman | Oklahoma State | 6'3, 223 - he dropped down because of a poor showing at the combine, however, he's still considered by some to be the most "complete" WR in the draft. Runs great routes, catches well, and blocks well. A great pick up in the 5th if we plan on running the ball a lot.

- - -

That's my quick list.:) What do you guys think? Any additions or players we should watch?

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