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Have we re-signed Boley yet

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bush (3/19/2008)
I think 70 million dollars could be spent somewhere else, maybe the D-line and O-line? At least we got value for Hall now before he became a free agent.

Yeah he was gonna b a big pain in the wallet if we were to keep him. to get 2 picks for him is starting to be acceptable in my mind... i still would like to get one of the raiders proven players tho

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No. Apparently, there isn't agreement on a long term deal,

nor has he signed his tender.

If the Falcons and Michael Boley cannot agree on a long term

deal, he either has to sign the 1st round level tender or sit

out. Of course, it is still possible someone would bite on the 1st

round compensation before the draft, but I'd say unlikely at this


Likely scenario is that we either re-sign him to a long term deal or

he becomes an Unrestricted Free Agent after the 2008-2009 season.

Of course, at that point he could be "franchised". With DeAngelo

Hall most likely gone to the Raiders, the Falcons would have it

available, since they can only franchise a single UFA.per season.

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