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SI.com is reporting that Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis is infatuated with McFadden


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HailRazor (3/19/2008)
Please let that be true!!!!!!!

Hey Cowboys, that will be two first rounders please.

I would rather get the Jets #6 and #37 picks. better value and we still get an elite talent @ 6.

DAL is too far back to move up for DMC. Jones is smart enough to NOT jeopordize his whole team to get one guy.

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if we were to deal with the Cowboys, the deal would be:  #22, #28 and next year's 1st rounder.....According to the trade chart that would be about equal in points but Dallas would still "win" because future year's picks are discounted by 50% - plus, i think next year's class will be weaker.

However, I think #22, #28 and next year's 1st would still be good deal for Falcons because we are not going to "win" in 2008 anyway and we could afford to be a little "short" on the deal.....how about this?

#22-Branden Albert, RG/RT-Virginia (1st-from Cowboys)

#28-Joe Flacco or Brian Brohm, QB (1st from Cowboys)

#34-Sam Baker, LT-USC (2nd from Raiders)

#37-Antoine Cason, CB-Arizona (2nd)

#48-Pat Sims, DT-Auburn (2nd from Texans)

#66-Phillip Wheeler, ILB-Georgia Tech (3rd) - 2nd day

If the Falcons "early" draft went as above plus we would have two first rounders next year (Falcons and Cowboys) - I would think the Falcons future would look very bright!

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We'll have to bring our pocketbooks on draft day - but rookie contracts are usually a little discounted since the guy has never played NFL.  After 2-4 years they renew their rookie K for big bucks if they have learned to play - otherwise they are out of the league anyway.

The collective bargaining agreement is supposed to come up for renewal/discussion in like 2009 or 2010.  A lot of owners are probably trying to avoid salary caps when that time comes.  So - if it comes time to re-sign all these high draft picks and there is no salary cap - we could do it if Blank pony's up.  And if we are winning in 2-3 years time with a young team - I bet he would happily. 

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More and more, I have grown to dislike the idea of dealing down to Dallas. The opportunity cost is Glenn Dorsey in a two for one deal in the interim. The players ranked in the 20s don't excite me as we are in a position to get three guys in that range anyway. We would be getting a future first rounder, which is nice, but unless Romo gets hurt, I have difficulty seeing that pick as being higher than #20. So, that's three players ranked in the 20s versus Glenn Dorsey. I normally argue quantity over quality, but I don't like it in this specific case. Like with Calvin Johnson last year, Dorsey is worth more than a couple of lesser players to me.

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