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Another Presidential Candidate in Trouble


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Kucinich s Miracle Crusade

By Jeffrey Toven, Associated Press Writer


CLEVELAND - In an attempt to add some excitement to a lackluster presidential candidacy, Dennis Kucinich now admits that for over 25 years he attended church services presided by controversial televangelist Benny Hinn.

Hinn, host of the wildly popular This Is Your Day telecast and Miracle Crusades revival meetings, has come under fire many times during the course of his career for both his gospel and questionable accounting practices.

Kucinich says he is now willing to talk openly about his relationship with Hinn. The two have never met, but Kucinich cites watching over 200 hours of TIYD as the foundation for all of his core values. Speaking to anyone who would listen during his weekly public address from his Barcalounger, Kucinich said that Hinn is the guiding light in his search for truth, both spiritual and political.

Benny Hinn has been misunderstood and slandered for too long, said Kucinich, and I think it s high time someone stood up for him.

Some people will not like my association with Reverend Hinn, said Kucinich. He noted that many find Hinn offensive, silly or even heretical, but added while I have taken Reverend Hinn into my life and heart, I don t actually hear most of what he says. Usually I just keep the volume muted. But I really like how he blows people down. That s faith in action right there.

When questioned about his seemingly sudden switch from Catholicism to Bennyism, Kucinich became quite animated. You think this is some sort of ploy? To gain votes? As if.

When informed that he was no longer a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, Kucinich rose from his Barcalounger, disappeared into the master bedroom of his 1-bedroom/1-bath condo, and returned in a bathrobe. Quixotic as always, Kucinich appears to be making a last ditch effort to appeal to the uninformed, lazy voter demographic.

Hinn could not be reached for this story, as he was busy bathing in 10-dollar bills and caviar.


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silentbob1272 (3/19/2008)
Did Kucinich confess this to his UFO buddies as well? If this guy thought this was a good and deflecting point, it just proves he did not just seem like a crazy little weasely weirdo, he really is one.
silentbob1272 (3/19/2008)

That being said, it was sorta funny.

octoslash (3/19/2008)
Kucinich strikes me as the kind of guy who as a child would be the one eating bugs for attention.
deathdawg (3/19/2008)

Do you speak from experience?

Ethanga62890 (3/19/2008)
Isn't he the one with the hawt wife? If so this thread is worthless without pics.

Wow...I can take being told it's not funny at all, but not knowing it's supposed to be humorous? That just stings.

You can't win em all, but apparently you can lose em all.


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