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Q and A: UGA guard Billy Humphrey.


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Q and A: UGA guard Billy Humphrey

Published on: 03/19/08

Athens No one sums up Georgia's season better than Billy Humphrey.

The Dacula grad has been hampered by a chronic knee injury. He has been arrested and suspended twice. He's been the Bulldogs' leading scorer in some games, and has all but disappeared in others.

Yet there he was Sunday, knocking down a clutch 3-pointer late in the SEC championship game, celebrating with his teammates after scoring 12 points in Georgia's historic victory.

And there he was Tuesday, boarding a bus to the airport, his bags packed for a trip to the NCAA Tournament.

Humphrey spoke with AJC staff writer Brian Costa shortly before the Bulldogs left for an evening flight to Washington.

Q: Has all of this sunk in yet?

A: Not at all. It hits me in spurts. I'll get excited every 30 minutes or so and tell my teammates, "Man, do you know what we just did?"

Q: How many phone calls and text messages have you gotten since Sunday?

A: There's been a ton. A lot of people said they felt like we could do it. It's hard to distinguish between people jumping on the bandwagon and everybody who really did believe in us, but we really appreciate it.

Q: With three games in two days, did you ever feel like fatigue was catching up with you?

A: No. We were just motivated. We feel like we got slapped in the face having to play two games in one day.

Q: After the way things worked out, did you want to play again on Monday?

A: No. I was relieved when I got in my bed knowing Monday morning I didn't have a game the next day. There's nothing I wanted more than my pillow.

Q: How late did you sleep on Monday?

A: I had to be up at about 8 a.m. I had class.

Q: How would you sum up this season in one word?

A: Challenge.

Q: Were you concerned about your reputation after the off-court things that happened? [A weapons charge in November and alcohol possession and jaywalking charges last month.]

A: I was. But we're still kids and we're going to make dumb decisions. I regret everything that happened as far as my actions and my comments. But at the end of the day, I'm still here. I'm still with my team.

Q: To what extent do you think this week makes people forget about those things?

A: Well, people forgot real quickly the positives I did do before the incidents, and then once we do something like this, it doesn't get brought up again.

Q: There are a lot of people around the country trying to fill out their brackets right now. What should they know about the 14 seed in the West?

A: That we're a team full of hard workers. We're aggressive, and we're not to be taken lightly. If they don't have us moving forward in their brackets, they might want to rearrange some names.

Q: Did you fill out a bracket?

A: I didn't. I don't participate in those games. But if I would have, I'd definitely have us going a long way.

Q: How far?

A: A long way. I'm not making any predictions, but I don't have us losing anytime soon.

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