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Ahh, Hurry Up!!


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April 26 is SOOO far away!! I want to see who my new players are. Since TD and FO got rid of almost every "face of the franchise." I want to see who our future is!! This is taking FOREVER!!

Oh and check out my new mock with 2 and 6th for Hall and a 3rd comp (if we get lucky)

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roddyshands (3/18/2008)
ps if u think kenny phillips falls anywhere near the second your living in fantasy land




thats just three teams in serious need of S help

Why not? K Phillips is projected to go at the bottom of the 1st or top of the second meaning that the panthers probably won't draft him.

Giants also need a MLB, and they can get jerod Mayo at their spot. And it's a little reach for the eagles to draft phillips too. And since we got the 3rd pick in the second round, why not?

Anything can happen. I don't think I'm dreaming, more like wishful thinking.

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