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Colledge QB's, Possible draft picks that can take the pressure and a hit?

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I have to ask about the possible QB's the Falcons might draft, I've really just started watching colledge football a lot more last season. I've kept up with the Falcons for years and years though.

What I wanted to ask and I'm not knocking anybody's wish list on who they want the Falcons to draft at QB, I'm just asking a question by pointing out the information I'm getting on some of the QB's right now.

Everytime I see anything on Matt Ryan, I keep watching video of him being successfull, "Can he take a serious hit?", or has he ever taken one and shown some spunk so to speak.

Same goes for Joe Flacco and all the other prospects coming outa this draft at QB.....

Have you seen any of the QB prospects in this upcomming draft take hits and shake it off so to speak during their colledge play multiple times? The reason I ask is because if the O-line isn't fixed this might be a serious factor for years to come.

I think the O-line will get fixed, but then again one hit could end up being one hit too many, sooner or later it's gonna happen.

May I have your thoughts and information on the subject please?

Thanks in advance. :D

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Chad Henne is the toughest QB in this draft, hands down. Tough as nails, but Ryan is a strong 2nd . Ryan took one of teh most vicious hits I've ever seen a year ago where his helmet came off and went one way but his body went the other;but he got right back up. Plus he played on a broke foot his entire Junior year.

But when it come to overall toughness, they don't get any better then Henne IMO.

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I don't know squat about QB's but I can tell you about the quality of the players around them. 

Henne had a very good cast around him.  He had a great OL and good receivers.

Flacco had an OL and WR corp that were basically good, with respect to the league.

Ryan had a superior OL with suspect WR's.  He also had good help with Calendar in his backfield.

Brohm lost his good OL as a senior.  His WR's were better than average but dropped too many passes. 

Booty played with a good cast around him.  His OL was very good and his WR's/TE's were decent.

I didn't see enough of Ainge and the Vols to make any judgements. 

Woodson played behind a mediocre OL and his WR's were OK (one good one that was double covered a lot). 

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xnex (3/18/2008)
Go to youtube and enter

Matt Ryan hit Clemson

and watch the video.

Thanks! I am going there right now, I wanna know more about just how tuff these QB prospects are coming outa the draft. I know there's nothing we can do as Falcons Fans to change the front offices decisions one way or another, but it helps to be a little more informned on certain aspects of the top prospects as to how whoever they draft at QB will react when getting an NFL HIT put on them. JMO

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Tandy Gossett (3/18/2008)
Don't draft Henne ... the Michigan fans hated him ... Flacco for the win !!!!

Don't get the wrong impression, I'm not wanting the Falcons to draft any particular QB, I'm just fishing for information so to speak to get an idea on how whatever QB they do draft and to how they will react when they get their bell run so to speak.

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