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I pulled this from another thread. Thought it was worth discussing. The original thread was discussing, among other things, how Matt Ryan has the best "intangibles" in the draft.

I always have to wonder about the idea of "intangibles". In this case, they always site Ryan bringing BC back against VT in the regular season matchup. That has been broken down and it seems pretty apparent that Ryan benefitted from VT going away from what they'd done all game to contain him. VT did not make the same mistake the second game and clobbered BC. It wasn't even close. I think that VT's coaches deserve more credit for the loss than Ryan does; all he had to do was play pitch and catch on underneath routes. That doesn't terribly impress me.

As far as comparing his "intangibles" to other QBs, I don't see the reason for the hype there, either. Think about this: Ryan was on a team that had a very solid defense and a good offensive line. He played well and seemed very solid in the pocket. His teammates say he's a good leader and takes control.

Brohm was on a team with a DREADFUL defense and a mediocre line. He got banged around, knocked down, beat up, and watched his defense erase any good things he might have accomplished on offense. And yet, he kept going in and doing well. He made fewer mistakes than Ryan under harsher circumstances. He showed toughness and poise and was rarely shaken up. His teammates say that he had no trouble taking command of the huddle and that he's VERY competitive, even if it doesn't always show when he's chatting with some talking head.

I'm not saying that one is better than the other. All I'm saying is that the whole "intangibles" thing is tenuous at best. When you look at the two, where's the real difference?


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I am guessing that the term is used as a grab bag of feelings about how "right" a QB is for the NFL.  It is supposed to somehow quantitate an individual's desire to succeed and, how good of a leader he will be.  It amazes me that people, who know little about a player's true personality, can grant upon him the gift of "intangibles."  For Matt Ryan, it has become the mantra that might make him the top QB picked in this draft.  He looks the part....he is tall , white and has an Irish surname.  Perfect for Hollywood.   

So, am I to understand that Andre Woodson, Brian Brohm, John Booty, Chad Henne, Kevin O'Connell and Josh Johnson simply do not want to win as much as Matt Ryan?  That somehow, Matt Ryan was magically bestowed this "Hollywood gift" in his senior season?  That Brian Brohm and Andre Woodson, who played through pain, simply don't "want it" as much as Ryan?  Am I to belive that Matt Ryan is clearly the only QB prospect in this draft that will work hard to succeed?  Or, should I take into account that Matt Ryan played behind the best OL of any QB prospect in this draft?

Does anyone keep count of how much time a QB has to make his throws?  I am guessing that Ryan had a full two seconds more than Woodson and Brohm.  Do you think that two seconds would make a difference to a QB?  Does anyone think that Matt Ryan is a significant upgrade from Chris Redman?  Which one would display greater "intangibles" next season? 

There are several QB prospects in this draft that have the character and personalities to succeed in the NFL.  Excuse mie, I meant to say the "intangibles to succeed."  Matt Ryan is just this season's darling.  I would not mind drafting him in the middle to late first round, but not  in the top five....no thanks.

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I would like for us to determine who the best QB in the draft is [for our offense], and get him--period.

"Tangibles" are are basically measureables like height, weight, combine numbers, statistics, etc. Some of the "intangibles" that I have heard about QBs that seem to make a major difference are:

--a beautiful football mind [from Dimitroff's mouth]. I read that both Ryan and Brohm are real students of the game--they live and breathe football.

--preparation as in studying film and translating what they pick up to the field. Again, I have heard more about Ryan and Brohm here. I have read that Ryan puts more time in watching film than some of the coaches.

--command in the huddle and gaining the confidence of his teammates. Again both score well here as does Henne. Part of this is just exuding confidence yourself.

--all of the Falcon Filter stuff--being a good citizen, staying out of trouble, etc.

I don't mean to slight the QBs not mentioned here, but these are just some of the evaluations I have filed in my head. I don't know who the best QB is, but do know I want us to get him.

Another factor that I think is important to us is readiness. I don't want any drafted QB to play much or maybe at all this year, but I also don't think we want to want 2-3 years for one to develop. We are just not in a situation to wait too long.

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grendel (3/12/2008)
dcfalcons (3/12/2008)
I want to know where the intagibles were on the 19 INTs.

He was directing his OL to get in position to tackle the CB.

oh .... i see.  thanks for explaining that to me.  i guess mayock forgot that part in his all out defense of the 19 INTs during the indy combine blowfest

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