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Welcome Back Joey, Hopefully our OL Blocks this Year for you!

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The Falcon Ace (3/11/2008)
In 2 posts I saw someone say Joey Harrington was going to the Probowl, Petrino was purposely calling bad plays to get Brian Brohm, and that the Falcons were worse than Miami in terms of offense.

Joey Harrington is a terrible QB, get that into your heads. Then again, if you haven't figured that out now, then there isn't much hope for you...

i would like to point out that joey did a GREAT job with the cards he was dealt....handled it with class,&  i for for one think he deserves  A 2nd chance....he did a good job(not great) with what he had.........& lets not forget he did it it with our impatient.good for nothing bu maybe college coach last year.( thats another story)..he can & will ..in my opinion ..will beat out redman sooner or later...redman was selling ins. last year before we made tht drastic move.....mark my words.redmon will fizzle out & joey will be uor starter again,& with a better ol.& more time to make reads he will prove hat that the falcons have a plan( we have the guy for less money)...weve gotta give this guy more of a chance than judging him from last year..................hes NEVER had a decent ol to prove himself....from a true falcons fan....SINCE 1975
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GEORGIAfan (3/11/2008)
if i only had to throw the ball 5-10yrds, then i better get 80% of those passes. i mean cmon Harrington had a great wideouts in Roddy and Horn. i agree with FALCON ACE

Of course you agree with him, because your boy DJ might be on his way out now.

All of a sudden Horn is a great wideout? Maybe 3 years ago, how many games did he even play last year?

Harrington can be effective if used properly. As a backup QB this isn't a bad situation for this team. A veteran player who can run a conservative offense. The Turner signing will help, likely as well as the change in the offensive system.

This is a good move, any coach would rather turn to Harrington if a starter went down than relying on a 3rd year QB with no game experience in Shockley

Welcome back Joey.....

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mike boraski (3/11/2008)
terrible qb's don't complete 60% of their passes for almost 2300 yards in 10 games especially behind a o-line that gives up 46 sacks. if you are so up on jesus stop judging others cause its not your job!

In 10 games he threw for 7 TDs and 8 INTs. I don't need stats to tell you he is a poor QB. He panics under pressure, rarely throws past 5 yards, constantly checks down, doesn't throw to open WRs down field, has poor pocket mobility, and doesn't know when to get rid of the ball.

An offensive line cannot block for 5+ seconds every play, and that's what Joey needs to succeed. Want to know one of the biggest reasons why our line gave up 46 sacks? It is because Joey sat there looking like a deer in headlights and folded like a lawnchair under a bit of pressure.

I am not judging Joey as a person, he is a class act. The Bible does not say anything about judging someone's production or ability to do something. By your logic, I cannot tell a 7 year old he's not smart enough to do calculus because that would be "judging". Don't try to school me on the Bible or Christianity, you are only going to make yourself look like a fool.

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