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Medical Help: Blood in Mucus

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XLDenaliReturns (3/11/2008)
cheaton (3/11/2008)
womfalcs3 (3/11/2008)
Alright it seems like it's dissipating. There was always a possibility it would just clot.

I would've went to a doctor and been charged 500 dollars for him/her to tell me to tilt my head back for a while. Even though I have insurance, it's indirect. I have to go through the process of sending them my bill and information.

Ok, I dont know of a doctor in this country that charges $500 for an office visit.  Most are between $60-150.  And what you're saying is, you don't want to go because you're lazy.  Because, I mean, it's tough to put a couple of peices of paper in an envelope, lick a stamp, and put it in a mailbox.  Wow, what a huge inconvenience that would be for the sake of your health. 

obviously he's seeing a medical provider out-of-network. a lot more physicians are doing this, taking cash up front and letting YOU deal with the insurance reimbursements. probably because they're sick of these crooked insurers leaving them holding the bag all the time.

and why call him lazy? why be a jerk?


I'm not being a Jerk.  I'm expressing my dismay about someone coming onto an NFL related forum to get a medical diagnosis.  This is just stupid.  If he's not willing to go to the doctor because he doesn't want to go through the "hassle" of mailing a form to his insurance company he IS lazy.  Granted he'll probably be fine, but why do you people take such chances with your health?  Wouldn't you rather take your chances with a lost form to your insurance company than get a serious infection and die?  My point is, if you had to come here and ask because you weren't sure on your own you should be going to the doctor and this thread should have never happened.  Those who are telling this guy not to go to the doctor are being irresponsible and foolish.  You don't even know if he's got a fever, his medical history, etc. etc.  DUDE GO TO THE DOCTOR!  I'd rather you raise my insurance premiums than die because you listened to the fools on this message board.

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octoslash (3/11/2008)
Since when do people who "live off McDonald's and Wendy's and smoke 2 packs a day"

even GO to the doctor?  How are people who die young making health costs increase?  Coffin costs, yes, but healthcare?  There is a hole in that theory.

j/k......don't bother flaming me:P


Hehe FLAME FLAME!  I never flame anyone, I just assault them calmly.  ;)

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