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It's funny that you have Eddie George in that list. It looked pretty strong other than him. He was good but not sure an all time great. Replace him with OJ Simpson and it has to be pretty close. Deciding who the best is hard unless you've seen every generation of players play. It's a very good list though.

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Based on prime,

if they are all standing there and I had to pick the Starter!


2. Payton

3. Jim Brown

4. OJ



7.Marshall Faulk

8.Terrell Davis

9.Gale Sayers

10.I agree with the Ricky Williams comment!

You can have all the tiny dodgers!

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loowe (3/9/2008)
I mean Running Backs. My Bad. lol

For your information this is : "Talk About The Falcons" forum!

William Andrews

Lynn Cain

Iron Head Hayward

Jamaal Anderson

Yes I'm gonna say it even Warrick Dunn

I'm missing a few and am very tired because of a lack of sleep, enlighten me on the rest of the list my fellow Falcons fans? I'm sure I got a good start on it, those were just the first names to pop out on the brain so to speak.

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