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Great QB or Great Team?


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You're right. Manning couldn't make it to the big game til the defense caught up. When he struggled in the playoffs, it was the defense that got them through.

And I seem to remember St. Louis' defense being decent the year they won, but how much of that was the fact that most teams were forced to become one dimensional to catch up?

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Vicious (3/8/2008)
I think it boils down to having a top 10 defense with an above average offense. There were only a few teams that did it with all offense, namely the Rams. The point to my thread is that everyone is putting too much importance on the QB position. Do you think with the same team last year that if you replaced our QB with Brady or Manning (either one) that the team would have fared much better? I don't. Our offensive line was dreadful, our pass rush was none existent which led to the other team picking us apart, our offense stayed on the field, and our RB was the wrong fit for a power scheme. That's too much to put on the shoulders of any one player.

I agree. QB's have traditionally received far too much credit for success and far too much blame for failure. I understand it's the nature of the position but, as I said above, you won't find many teams that have been able to win riding on the back of one player.

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Oh and to Cygnus's first post. It depends on what you define success is. Personally, I'd much rather have 1 superbowl win than 5 years of success only because the Falcons have NEVER won a Superbowl.

I think I'd agree, I'd rather have the Superbowl win. But seeing how unrealistic that expectation is, I'll take a really good team for 5 years rather than a flash in the pan and another Superbowl embarrassment.

Until we get consecutive winning seasons, I don't think we should talk Superbowl.

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Cygnus (3/8/2008)
Or rather..

[b]I will not talk Superbowl til we've done had consecutive winning seasons.

Either way, Superbowl before back to back winning seasons or other way around is fine. I just want to see a dominant defense like the Ravens or Jaguars. Good defense makes me happy so that's all I ask for.

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