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Is no one else concerned about LBs on this team?


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The reality is that we only have two viable linebackers currently under contract: Keith Brooking and Stephen Nicholas. Boley is a restricted free agent, Tony Taylor is unproven, and the rest are journeymen.

The plan is to shift Brooking back to WLB. How? Who's going to play MLB?

Free agency is kind of weak now. Here is a very short list of viable candidates:

Nick Greisen, MLB

Rocky Boiman, SLB

Ian Gold, WLB

Matt Stewart, SLB

Kendrell Bell, WLB

Keyaron Fox, OLB

Brandon Chillar, OLB

Greisen should be a target as should Boiman. Both are young players with upside, have been productive when given the opportunity, and have a nasty streak. Gold, Stewart, and Bell are quality OLBs, but they will be pricey and don't fit the youth movement. Fox and Chillar are thus far unproven but were highly touted coming out of college.

This year's draft is weak at MLB, but here's a list of players to watch:

Vince Hall, MLB, Virginia Tech: Strictly a run-stuffer

Jeremy Leman, MLB, Illinois: Strong, instinctive, intelligent, high character, injured

Jonathan Goff, MLB, Vanderbilt: Strictly a run-stuffer

Gino Hayes, MLB, Florida State: Small (6'2" 220), but fast and a striker

Curtis Lofton, MLB, Oklahoma: Solid MLB prospect despite size

Jameel McClain, MLB, Syracuse: Strictly a run-stuffer

Xavier Adibi, MLB, Virginia Tech: Coverage ability and range, OLB playing ILB

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