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Stoney (3/8/2008)
Would you trade J-Wood to Cleveland for Quinn? Then perhaps take McFadden 3rd.

Most CERTAINLY not. And hey to be honest guys...with the off field issues McFadden has-the FO would never have drafted him even if they never signed Turner. They are not only trying to build a team but change the image of the team. Bringing in a guy with baggage DOES NOT work in those lines. And can ANYONE answer me this, why do you want to draft a RB who's legs STOP ON CONTACT? Great backs fight for more-legs ALWAYS churning...this dude quits...

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Beau J (3/8/2008)
Stoney (3/8/2008)
Dont agree.. Turner and McFadden combo is NASTY.... personally i love J-wood but he doesnt fit into the scheme here...

Do you slobs EVER stop? He will NOT play here. And may I ask why and how the **** do you know he won't fit the scheme? Smith already said he wanted to do the two RB routine just like Jacksonville had with JD and Taylor. Norwood and McFadden: Same body type, same build, same speed. McFadden is a little taller.... wow.

He said slobs. LMAO

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IMHO, Norwood is probably not primary trade-bait for us, unless someone makes us an insane, outrageous offer that we can't refuse. I'm thinking that we're probably OK at RB for now with Turner, Norwood and Snelling.

Norwood is illusive, fast, can change gears quickly, and can be a game breaker, and is the reason I was never too excited by the prospect of DMac as a Falcon. The question that Norwood will have to answer for coaches and fans is whether or not he is durable enough to stay in the game and make the impact he's capable of making.

As much as I like him as a player (I have his Falcons jersey), he spent way too much time lying on the ground after hits last season, and he often limped off and didn't come back for a series or two. Perhaps with more carries, he'll become more adjusted to the hits or put himself in a position to lessen their impact.

With the addition of Turner, it will be interesting to see how Mularky uses Norwood and Snelling next season. Wouldn't be upset or surprised to see Norwood handling the kick return duties.

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