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Falcons need to draft 2 Qb's in this years draft.


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When its the falcons turn to pick at #3, if Jake Long isnt available I think the Falcons should trade down for more picks because I dont think Ellis or Dorsey is worth #3 when Pat Sims from Auburn or Calais Campbell will probably offer just as much production and are more like the DTs Mike Smith is used to working with(they are huge, and can stuff the run) and could probably get one of them with the first pick of the second round or a later first round pick that we traded to get.

But here is my point.....I think the Falcons should draft 2 QBs - preferibly Chad Henne in the 2nd round and either Josh Johnson or Andre Woodson if they are available in the 3rd or 4th. The reason they should do this is because there is no way to tell who is going to be successful coming out of college so they will increase their odds of finding an NFL ready quarterback. This season they should let Redman play and give the rookies a chance to watch for a year, not to mention this should create a lot of competition for the starting quarterback position next year which is a good thing. It will also give someone like Josh Johnson or Andre Woodson a chance to work on their fundamentals and adjust to the speed and competition level of the nfl like Romo and Brady were able to do.

The Falcons need to get a quarterback in this draft as well because after looking at the players that are going to be eligible for the draft next year; this years quarterback class look really good. There is not going to be much talent coming out of college next year(except for possibly Tebow or Sam Bradford if they declare early, but I hate Tebow and dont think he will do good in the pros) so the Falcons have to find their project/quarterback in this draft. Also I looked at the QBs that are going to be free agents next year, and there is no one that the falcons could possibly pick up that would be a franchise player.

My point - When drafting a quarterback, there are no sure things and normally the sooner a rooking gets thrown into the mix with a sorry squad around them, their confidence gets shaken and they can never recover. Thats why the Falcons need to draft 2 quarterbacks in this draft and give them a chance to watch and practice and work out the kinks for a year or two while Thomas Dmitroff(or however you spell it) builds a solid team and offensive line around them. That way they will get to see who has the ability to lead and who can play in the NFL and they wont be putting all the pressure on one kid. Plus the only QBs on the roster is Chris Redman and DJ Shockley who(sorry Georgia fans) is coming off knee surgery and never looked that good to begin with when he did get the chance to play during garbage time of the preseason.

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