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Aron White is no hybrid.


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Tight end Aron White doesn't mind telling a curious reporter how much he weighs. In fact, he's kind of proud to.

"I weigh 230 pounds," the redshirt freshman beamed. "I'd like to get up around 235 by the time the season starts, maybe even 240. But I'd be happy with 235 if I can get to that."

White's weight issues, while not a concern, have been a popular topic of conversation around the Bulldog camp as team nutritionists have been busy trying to get the Columbia, Mo. native up to par weight-wise where he can be a solid contributor for the Bulldogs.

White is confident he's ready to be just that.

"I think they're going to use me a little bit differently that Tripp Chandler and Bruce Figgins," White said. "Right now I'm No. 3 on the depth chart, but I'm thinking they're going to try and utilize my talent. I'm still a little bit lighter, but I can move around and maybe do some different things that will better my chances of seeing the field."

White also dispelled any rumors that he'll be some kind of "hybrid receiver" or H-back, as the case may be.

"They're going to keep me at tight end," he said.

And why not?

The 6-4 White was rated the nation's top tight end by Rivals.com and was one of just three players from Missouri to play in the inaugural Offense-Defense All-American Bowl in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

His 17 career touchdown receptions set a school record at Rock Bridge High.

"I feel a lot more confident than I ever have as far as learning the offense. Even though we're re-installing pretty much everything this spring, it's good because I feel like I know the concepts now than I did before," White said. "Not to say I was disinterested last year during my redshirt, I felt that I always had to catch up. Now, I feel like I'm on the same level with everybody else."

White feels his footwork is better than ever before.

"Although we haven't done much in pads, I feel my first step and my footing is better than it's ever been," said White, whose looking forward to showing coaches he's improved as a blocker. "As long as I keep my feet and keep my position, I should be all right."

White admitted that the loss of transfer NaDerris Ward is somewhat of concern, although not so much from a talent standpoint as it is from a depth perspective.

"We are a little thin, and I'm kind of worried about that," he said. "You never know when somebody might get hurt then all of a sudden we're down to two tight ends. Hopefully, Bryce Ros will be able to come in and be ready to play in case we need him, although I hope everyone can stay healthy so he can preserve his redshirt."

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