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Trade DeAngelo Hall for Dallas Cowboys 1st round 23rd pick and Bobby Carpenter

Position move-Jimmy Williams back to CB

1)OT-Jake Long

1)OG/OT-Brendan Albert

2)DT-Pat Sims

2)QB-Chad Henne

3)DT-Dre Moore

3)ILB-Jonathan Goff

4)DE-Jason Jones

5)K-Brandon Coutu

6)OT-Barry Richarson

6)DT-Jason Shirly

7)CB-Brian Witherspoon

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grendel (3/7/2008)
You want to trade DHall for #23 overall and Bobby Carpenter, a bust worth 0 points?

Well, first off, Dallas has #22 and #28. I'd rather have #22 without Carpenter rather than taking his contract, but really I'd want more than that.

Chances are we aren't going to get that much for him.If any team would be willing to give up more than a first for him,I think they would gladly take it.And Carpenter hasn't played all too much to be considered a bust this far into his career.

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It looks like the two teams that are actually wanting D. Hall and that are willing to pay him what he wants are Oakland and Washington. IF we do anything with Dallas, it will most likely be the Cowboys wanting our 1st round pick for their 2 1st round picks.

I don't mind most of the picks you made but drafting Coutu in the 5th is pretty much a wasted pick since we could pick him up as an UDFA.

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