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Raiders fans can be this dumb or Al Davis included

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"Micheal Smith said on sportscenter he hears us and the raiders are the leaders and thinks he end up here.

I guess we and the Raiders well have to give up something useful and how ever Redskins do infact have the players and round picks to do it but.Raiders have the way more better value round picks for him but I doubt they'll waste a great 1st rounder for an CB who in which they don't need.I belive also it well be us skins fans but hopefully not in to much cause.

Knowing Danny I don't think he'll push as hard as Al Davis who has made some dumb moves but it is believed that the only reason the Redskins are doing this is simply because ,Springs -Rogers are both injury prone players.Also Dhall is better than does two and if had a good team well probably mean a top 5 CB and that Blecth wants him.

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OMFG! That was the edited version???

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If the Raiders are dumb enough to draft first overall a guy who scored a "6" on the wonderlink test (About a 4th grade reading level) and who sports a double-digit IQ to play the most intelligently demanding position in all pro team sports as their QB then easily they are dumb enough to do anything!

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malk2.0 (3/7/2008)
hahahaha, If they are willing to give us the 4th overall pick for hall then ok. I dont think the raiders would be that stupid though. If he was we could use one as trade bait and then pick the player we want in the early round as well.

Or we could keep both 3rd and 4th and get both Jake Long and Glenn Dorsey, that will make eveybody happy right?

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swiftkick (3/7/2008)
I actually have no problem trading our first rounder,it would actually save us money to actually trade it for a proven player,instead of giving 12 million to a rookie..

LOL this was a quote

Is it really dumb? We've seen the best of DHall and the worst, and if he shows the same passion and desire minus his outburst he would be worth it to them. It would be a dymb trade for us because it would be more money for us to cough up and then we have another hole to fill.

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