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Trade DHall to???

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What do you guys think about trading Hall to one of these teams? Cincinati, Detroit, Houston and a 3rd rounder. They all need CBs. With one of the teams 1st we could draft Clady or DRC.

My Mock Draft

1. Sedric Ellis, DT

1. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, CB

2. Curtis Lofton, ILB

2. Sam Baker, OT

3. Roy Schuening, OG

3. Joe Flacco, Delaware

4. Josh Barrett, SS

5. Jason Shirley, DT

6. Brandon Cotou, PK

7. Dexter Jackson, WR

7. Fernando Velasco, C/OG

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I think it's a waste if we trade away DHall and in turn use the draft pick to take a CB. That would just be us taking a step backwards.

No, I'm hoping they re-sign him, and he sticks around as a lynchpin on our D.

But if we ARE turning into a cover 2 D, then maybe we do this move. I don't know.. I am just not excited about the prospects of losing one of the top young CB's in the game.

But in response to your question.. I think that Det would be a good trade partner. I think a team like Houston has other holes they'd rather fill.. like WR. CIN has too many holes on their DL and DET probably makes the most sense to take a good CB. Other than DT I don't see too many holes for them. Well.. there IS RB.

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