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Free Agency and NFL DRAFT 2008 Update


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We just got some bad news about Trey Lewis-NT reinjuring his surgically repaired knee. He'll be out at least till start of summer camp if everything goes well. I think we need to resign

Grady Jackson for 3yr contract to comeback. He has about 12 yrs. with about 3yrs left of productive playing time. Also, we're trying to sign a DT- Moorehead from the Panthers. Chris

Redman is a quality starting QB in the NFL. We just need a solid QB thru free agency, and don't forget Shockley is coming back with something to prove...

Free agents to sign....


* Grady Jackson-DT- Jacksonville Jaguars

* Kelly Holcomb-QB


1. Jake Long, Michigan, ot

2. Pat Sims, Auburn, dt

2. Curtis Lofton, Oklahoma, mlb

3. Chilo Rachal, USC, og

4. Ezra Butler, Nevada, olb

5. Johnny Dingle, West Virginia, de

6. Brandon Coutu, Georgia, k

7. Corey Clark, Texas A&M

7 Darius Reynaud, West Virginia, wr/kr

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