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Darren McFadden on cover of NCAA Football 09

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falconsstomp (3/6/2008)
if we didnt pick up turner then this topic would be in the right place, but we are not drafting mcfadden so this is not falcon talk...

Lol would be nice to have Turner on the cover of Madden.....rofl......in a Falcon uniform....i was thinking Romo or Brady, did you know there has never been a white player on madden cover?

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Sometimes my dog farts, and it smells like peanut butter. But I don't feed my dog peanut butter. So why does this happen?

The next poster is likely to suggest that McFadden has a cannon for an arm, and we should still draft him despite turner, and put him in at QB. Not only that, we should also switch our entire offense to the wishbone option attack, to compliment our placing of 3 RBs in the backfield.

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