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Jason Shirley anybody??


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Ok, I know we are building a team based on character and all the blah blah but sometimes you need to strike a balance between talent and behavior. Cowboys took the risk with TO, Bengals with Chad Johnson etc...

There's a guy we should draft that has consistent off the field problems and his name is Jason Shirley.

Shirley from Fresno State is 6'5 338 - which is great size for our minute DTs. He attracts double teams and is an inside presence.

Now before you guys yell at me for drafting a dude with off the field problems get this - he's a 5th round talent projected to be drafted in the 7th or even fall to the FA. This is due to his off the field problems.

Normally as a GM, you don't draft a 7th round dude with the intention of him starting. You look for talent that has the potential to make the squad. Marques Colstens aren't supposed to happen. Shirley is perfect value at this late in the draft. 5th round talent, 7th round pick. I see us using the 7th rounder the Steelers gave us for Rossum on Shirley. In this case, the reward definitely outweighs the risks.

What we do with Shirley is give him a warning before he even steps on our facilities. We give him the "one strike and you're out" speech and a zero tolerance for any off the field encounters. Basically, he gets cut if he gets in trouble off the field in any way.

We tell him that we're offering him a chance to play in the NFL if he's able to fix his problems. We also offer him any assistance he needs to turn his life around, like counseling etc.


If things turn out well, we get a good DT for rotation at a great value.

If not, then we kick him off the team and just waste a late 7th round pick. Late 7th rounders don't normally make the team anyways.

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