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Does Matt Ryan = Jay Cutler?

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I had a discussion with one of my neighbors who is a college football fanatic.I asked him his opinions on Matt Ryan,and if he would be a bust in the NFL,because of his interceptions.He told me that Jay Cutler had similar problems in college,coming from a small school and throwing a lot of interceptions,and seems to be adjusting well to the pros,although the interceptions are still high,he is showing a lot of promise.So I did a little research and found college stats on both players:


Statistics Att Comp Pct Yds TD Int Rating

2005 462 273 59.1 3,073 21 9 126.1

2004 241 147 61.0 1,844 10 5 134.8

2003 327 187 57.2 2,347 18 13 127.7

2002 212 103 48.6 1,433 10 9 112.4

Career 1242 710 57.2 8,697 59 36 125.9


Statistics Att Comp Pct Yds TD Int Rating

2007 654 388 59.3 4,507 31 19 127.0

2006 426 262 61.5 2,939 15 10 126.4

2005 195 121 62.1 1,514 8 5 135.7

2004 71 35 49.3 350 2 3 91.5

Career 1346 806 59.9 9,310 56 37 126.2

Cutler-Career 1242 710 57.2 8,697 59 36 125.9

Ryan-Career 1346 806 59.9 9,310 56 37 126.2

Now by all means I am not saying we should draft Ryan,I just want to know what everyone opinion on the subject was.

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grendel (3/6/2008)
Cutler managed to have more than a 2 to 1 TD / INT ratio his senior year... About 40% better than Ryan's 1.5 to 1 TD /INT ratio... Oh, and he was taken late 1st.

If we extrapolate, Ryan should be taken mid 2nd. I'd be ok with Ryan mid-2nd if Brohm, Henne, and Flacco were off the board.

dude, cutler was taken 11th overall, almost a top 10 pick. and the only reason he was taken as late as he was in the same draft as young and leinart.

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chosun (3/6/2008)
i always taught cutler was more like flacco based on physical abilities.. ryan seems more like a mix between big ben and brady as far as physical abilities..

loL@ comparing Chokey Ryan to Tom Brady lol

If your a RYan hugger you would hope he is not like Jay Cutler because Cutler has been a huge disappointment thus far..

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Lots of quarterbacks threw a lot of interceptions in college. Payton, Cutler, Eli, and many more. What people really don't like about Ryan is is whole package. Cutler is one of the hardest throwing quarterback in the NFL, he has a really strong arm which is why he is able to throw the ball on the run making him a perfect fit for Shannahan's offense. Ryan has a average arm, just like Harrington, Pennington. Ryan can most be described as another Joey Harrington, Chad Pennington, and Matt Hasselbeck in terms of package.

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