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3rd youngest team in the NFL


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stoned_jc7 (3/6/2008)
Guess we might be first if we cut Brooking.

Youth, Talent, and good coaching. I think we have all three, but we need to put a few seasons with all three of those together to get something special going.

Funny. Brooking probably does raise our age average..

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Absolute (3/6/2008)
I just saw on Total Access (cause I missed it last night) that we have the 3rd youngest team in the league behind only Green Bay (1st) and Buffalo (2nd). That shows me that we can only get better. Thoughts?

we could be #1 after the draft, and after highway 56 is gone. joe horn is also turning 47 this year.

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pzummo (3/6/2008)
I'm usually pretty optimistic, but the first thing that came through my head was "sophomore slump". Oof, really hoping that wasn't foresight into the future...

One of my concerns. I'd definitely like to see some consistency and stability. I think that would make us a good team over time.

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