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Do you think DJ Shockley has a chance to be a good NFL starting QB?

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falkonX7 (3/6/2008)
canesftballfan16 (3/6/2008)

Shockely couldnt beat out David Greene for 3 years and green is 3rd string back up....which is where shockley belongs....

as I mentioned in another thread, that is a bad comparison. Greene is the winningest QB in NCAA hsitory, of course shock will sit behind him. BTW for you that can't comprehend what I'm saying... I am not saying Shock is the QB messiah... I'm simply pointing out why Shock sat behind Greene.

Yep :cool:

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Jp7833 (3/6/2008)
Again, we still have not seen him in a real NFL game. Only pre-season. Don't pull out your "Jump to conclusions mats" just yet. Give the kid a chance, lets see how he does in a real NFL game, he has the athletic ability and he has been sitting on the bench learning under veteran QB's and veteran coaches for a solid 2 years. We shall see...

He's never going to play in a real NFL game unless two other guys get hurt or stink the place up. That's assuming he's even on the roster by the start of the season. You don't actually think that Coach Smith is going to say "Well, we've seen DJ in the pre-season and he hasn't really impressed me, but I'm going to let him start the season opener to see if he's any better on game day. Actually, I'll let him start three or four games, because you just can't get an accurate read on some players in just one game. I know he'll be a little nervous the first couple of games, but it's important to see how he handles adversity."

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