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Falcons NOT EVEN at Woodson's Pro Day!!

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03/05/08 - I think critics are the one picking (my game) apart but all the NFL scouts and all the NFL people actually love exactly how I m playing the game, the 6-foot-4, 229 pounder said. That s all that matters, nothing else except those people right there who really have the final say on who they want to draft and who they want to make their quarterback for the future. Woodson described his 40-yard time as decent. He originally hurt his leg while exercising with resistance bands. He blamed the injury on poor technique. There was nothing wrong with his arm strength. Working with tight end Jacob Tamme and wide receivers Keenan Burton and Steve Johnson, Woodson displayed plenty of zip and excellent accuracy, especially on the deep routes. As for his delivery, Woodson said he made only a minor adjustment. He holds the ball lower. That s it. If my release was really that slow, in the SEC, I wouldn t have done the things I did, he said. Playing against those defensive players you obviously have to have some type of good release to get the ball in there. I don t listen to that. I just continue to play my game. Pittsburgh Steelers scout Bruce McNorton noticed that Woodson is too deliberate. It s almost picture perfect, he said. It looks so good but sometimes it s a little slow coming out. Especially on some of the deeper out routes and that could be an issue on the next level. The seven NFL teams not at Pro Day were: the Atlanta Falcons, Buffalo Bills, Chicago Bears, Tennessee Titans, Seattle Seahawks, Oakland Raiders, and the Washington Redskins& . Brooks said tailback Rafael Little had surgery on Tuesday to repair the knee ligament he injured in the Senior Bowl. - Michael Grant, Louisville Courier-Journal

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