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Shockley made the Dome come ALIVE like I never seen, his rookie preseason game.


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Did DJ jump on a hand grenade to save Blank?

Did DJ run into a burning building to save TD's children?

Did DJ date Smith's daughter (the one thay had to tie a steak on her neck so the dog would play with her)?

If he didn't please show me how he deserves anything.

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brvslugger10 (3/5/2008)
He WILL get a chance to compete for the starting job with Hoey and Forest Whittaker gone.. At worst he is the 2nd QB behind Redman.

LOL....you just refered to Bleft as Forrest Whitaker...that is priceless..lol....but i unno if he will be number 2

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OJ Simpson (3/5/2008)
hawkeyes (3/5/2008)
DJ Shockley can get the fans excited again. Its time for something good to happen.
Thats better than what Redman is going to do 0-16

GO figure....ignorance coming from someone on the board named "OJ Simpson" you obviously know jack about football, did you see any of the games last year? Was Shockley there? No he wasnt because he was laying in bed nursing a torn knee from trying to prove he is better than he really is. Redman was the most consistent NFL QB with the exception of the Tampa game.

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The fans of Atlanta do need hope. We want to win. I do not think that DJ nor Redman are the long term answer for Atlanta. I do believe that Redman gives us a better chance to win something now. We do have a QB problem but the long term answer is not nor has ever been on the Falcons roster..

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